Thrivident is an industry leading online sales service for independent and family owned retail businesses in the running, biking, outdoor and footwear space. We are a growing company who help people and businesses do their best work.

We provide a FREE inventory valuation report and the best options to sell your old inventory. Thrivident is designed to provide effective solutions to the biggest financial and logistical challenge independent retailers face.  Our goal is to offer innovative support to our partner stores to increase profitability and personal fulfillment.


What makes Thrivident different?

Thrivident is composed of industry veterans with a wide variety of experiences, successes and expertise in specialty independent retail.

  • Brick and mortar store development
  • E-commerce
  • Fulfillment
  • Web development
  • Logistics

About Thrivident’s Founder

Patton Gleason is a retail industry veteran.  He has worked with a number of successful independent retail operations in brick and mortar and e-commerce. Having been involved in every aspect of specialty retail, he saw and experienced a glaring need for the independent retailer.

“Retailers don’t need another to do list.  Few people work harder or put more on the line to serve their communities, employees and stakeholders.  My vision was to provide front line support to solve the biggest financial and logistical challenges in retail.  Every second and every dollar spent on selling surplus inventory, is time and money taken way from products that can help a business thrive.  Our expertise allows us to provide effective solutions and incredible support.”

Patton Gleason, Thrivident